TOTO pulled back the curtain to reveal a carnival huckster controlling the whole kingdom of OZ.

We, in America, have our own men(1) behind the curtain who confuse, distract and manipulate us daily. Our goal here is to draw back the curtain on the illusions, tricks, prejudices and myths used by the men behind the curtain to obtain their true goals.

Who are they(2)? And, what are their goals? How do we separate fact from illusion?
The path is to reveal the unvarnished history of America... The events, developments and players that created the conflicted character of America. We must face up to slavery as the genetic defect at America's conception.

Additionally, we must discuss the two conflicting principals baked into the foundation of this country:
Liberty, and Equality. The private ownership of property versus the Commonwealth.

Where there is conflict, there is struggle. The men behind the curtain are fixed upon promoting their private ownership vision of America. Because these men prefer to avoid direct confrontation at home, the struggle generally is one where they create a world of illusion to distract and confuse us. The goal is to limit our participation in real choices about our country's -- and the world's -- wealth.

We are here to understand how these men operate; analyze the tools and tricks they use to distract and mis-direct our attention from their goals. Please join us to discover what is behind everything that controls your life, and learn how to pay close attention to that man behind the curtain!

Some of you are delusional, and believe the millionaires on FOX news, WABC, etc. are really interested in helping you solve your real problems. If you insist on holding onto these illusions; if you have found a home with the guys selling this nonsense, then nothing can be done to help you.

But, I have no quarrel with the old-fashioned conservative who, for the good of the whole country, openly debates with progressives on how much freedom is better than how much equality. However, we are long past open, bi-partisan discussion on what is best for America. We are now in a life and death struggle with men whose only interest is more and more. Please join us to discover what is behind everything that controls your life, and learn how to pay close attention to that man behind the curtain!

Our format will be to offer a History page that will feature its own series of posts.

We will offer, also, a discussion page for the Tools and Methods used to drive wedges between normal, working Americans, supported by an additional series of posts. It is here that we will learn how to smoke them out -- How to think, make connections, and find the facts we need to keep the curtain pulled back.

TOTO says (and his friend agrees) ...

The rules and our discussions will raise questions of definition. To clarify these matters, TOTO defines the terms we use, here, in his section...

1) It is most definitely men -- white men -- behind the curtain. Let's be clear, 90% of what happens in this world is a result of decisions made by a very, very small group of men.

2) Our mission is to always clearly identify who they are. Whenever someone tells you "they are doing such and such.", leaving out exactly who they are, someone is not being straight with you.

Hermod's notes

I am your guide for this site. I will have help from some friends: Toto, of course; and Don Ugots. Our purpose is to offer you a path for making connections... we will hear this word often. Connections will allow you to understand who is controlling your life; what their goals are; and how to take control of your life.

Basic rule:The over-riding purpose of ALL political principle, structure and activity is to determine how wealth is created and distributed.

People either clearly understand the political choices being made -- often in their name; or they pursue illusions, and allow others to take control of the world's wealth.

For us to control our lives, we must understand what is really happening -- what the real choices are.

I invite all serious students of reality to join me in knowing what the man behind the curtain intends for us. The blog page will open up discussions toward using the rules of understanding. Leave at the door any talking-points you memorized from your copy of Rush's starter-kit. You will have to think for yourself if you want to play here.

I offernine rules, along with supporting material, to help us all reach the understanding, and make the connections, that will allow us to regain control of our lives and of America.

We will go into them in detail, explaining how to tie together all the loose ends that you have been missing. Our goal is to pay close attention to the man behind the curtain.