You can pull back the curtain to reveal the man behind. These nine rules will help you to see -- to understand where you fit into all this -- and how to take action.

To pull back the curtain...
1. Follow the money(1). Keep following it.... and then -- Follow it some more; and don't ever let anyone take you off the scent -- they will try. Follow it all the way to the bitter end.
2. Separate the tools from the purpose (and the purpose is ALWAYS control of how wealth is created and distributed).
3. Who Benefits? When it is unclear why something has happened, ask: "Who benefits?" Don Ugots will insist you do.
Follow the thread to the end -- the underlying benefit ALWAYS will be control of how some form of wealth is created or controlled... ALWAYS. So, find out who does finally gets the gold.
4. If you can see the man behind the curtain right away, he is NOT the one. Remember rule #2.
5. Don't listen to what they say to you; listen to what they say to each other.

To know where you fit in this scheme of things, remember...
6. Everything -- including you -- is being measured by the value it(you) contributes to the underlying goal. (remember? controlling how wealth is created and distributed). Although less so than 20 years ago, still today, controlling the American people = controlling the world.

What do you do?
7. Build your own structure of understanding, based upon real analysis, history and discussion, and stick to it.
8. Call the demon by name. Stop the "both sides..." BS. You know who the bad guys are... call them out.
9. Join in with people who see things your way, and resist.

TOTO says ...

(1) Someone pays for everything that happens. When you spend, don't you expect to get something in return? Once you identify who paid for something, then you have to ask yourself: WHY? Why would they spend -- often billions -- to do this?

FOX lost millions of dollars over two years on Sean Hannity's show before it started paying for itself! Why would Ruper Murdock do that? What return did he expect? THINK!

Hermod's notes...

Most of these rules have been around a long time. One comes from the Sicilian Mafia; another is an old American saying. So, there is nothing here particularly radical.

The key is to learn how to use them. Believe in them -- and in yourself. Learn how to make the connection!

Be smart -- never let someone who is getting paid millions to distract you (Tucker, for example) succeed in making a fool out of you.

Do you think the men who pay these guys millions of dollars a year want you to know what is going on? Make the connection... Who is financing these sites and news stations? Whom do they answer to?

This has nothing to do with liberal or conservative. That is just another diversion -- a disconnect. The men behind the curtain will use both -- or neither -- to pull your strings and push your buttons. Their only ideology is wealth and the power to control that wealth.